Stunning Stockholm, Sweden

Day 1

Skansen: At Skansen, you can discover Sweden’s history and find out how Swedes once lived according to the changing seasons, through the customs and traditions, work, celebrations and everyday life of times gone by. This is also a place where festive occasions are celebrated throughout the year.

Vasa Museum: Vasamuseet is the custom-built home of the massive warship Vasa; 69m long and 48.8m tall, it was the pride of the Swedish crown when it set off on its maiden voyage on 10 August 1628.

Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde: Visit one of Sweden’s most beautiful art museums, Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, and enjoy this renowned and stunning historic collection of famous art, championing Swedish works. It’s no secret that Prince Eugen (1865–1947) had a keen interest in both collecting and producing art and Waldemarsudde is a fine example of his talents and tastes.

Day 2

The Royal Palace: Visit one of the most impressive palaces in the world, the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The palace dates back to the 18th century and is one of the most interestin historic buildings in Stockholm. Uncover the rich past of the Swedish royal family and learn about the day to day lives of the modern monarchy.

Royal Canal Tour: Enjoy a short boat trip and a true sightseeing experience of Stockholm and its most famous waterside views from a different perspective. Travel through the beautiful Djurgärden canal and see some of Stockholm’s most well known places, such as Slussen, the Old Town and the islands of Fjäumlderholmarna  “the gateway to the archipelago”.

Day 3

Stockholm Panorama Tour: Enjoy Stockholm Panorama sightseeing bus tour with Stockholm Excursions and get the chance to see some of Stockholm’s most beautiful sites in just 75 minutes. You’ll pass some of the most important and popular sights of Stockholm, such as The City Hall, The Royal Palace and Djurgärden. You’ll get the chance to take photos of the amazing views over the city and its islands and water from Fjâllgatan.

Fotografiska:Fotografiska is one of Stockholm’s most popular attractions and a great place to appreciate photography, food and music. sFotografiska was founded in 2010 by brothers Per and Jan Broman and exhibits internationally famous photographers as well as upcoming talents.


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