Suits for women: a major comeback

Suits for women will be so popular this fall. We are seeing a major comeback of these professional outfits! Most of them are 1970’s inspired, featuring high-waist, wide leg pants, blazers with broad shoulders, crispy shirts underneath or even just your bare skin! Actually, suits have never really been pass. They are still the number one look for business meetings, work hours and special events. Men have typically been wearing suits much longer than women because it was a staple of the corporate world wardrobe. Women’s fashion, however, developed suit options later on due to the career shift indicative of leaving the home for an outside job. The parts of a suit jacket are typically the same for men and women, consisting of collars, lapels, gorges (where the collar meets the lapel), pockets, vents, pleats and cuffs. Men’s jackets are often boxy in shape with only minor detailing through the midriff, whereas a woman’s jacket will often be more fitted with princess seaming, a design element that curves in at the midriff shaping the figure. Women’s suits will also have smaller lapels, darts for a closer fit and varied sleeve length. Today’s fashion for women’s suits offers a number of great cuts, designs, colors and prints completed with classic or creative necklines. You are free to choose either slim or skinny cut suit or go for boyfriend inspired design. If you want to make a wow-statement, then you better buy yourself a high-waist pantsuit and forget about the low-rise cut. Pair these bottoms with a hip-length or longer cut blazer. Women’s suits are more fashion-forward and often feature a whole host of trimmings, some of them being embellishments of fringe, cord or ribbon around the lapel and on pockets; flourishes such as lace, extra buttons or even embroidery.

Fabric Pattern and Color

Fabric choices also make a difference. Women’s suits can be mismatched both color wise and texture wise– meaning, the jacket can be different from the pants or skirt–and the fabrics can embrace a variety of materials from jacquards, to boucle and tweeds, or even rough silks. When it comes to color, the choice is unlimited as there are pink jackets, buttery yellow blends, green pants and more. Plus, women’s suits can tend to be more textural with thick woven tweeds or other heavy elements in combination with decorative fabric. So if you’re ready to take on the suit look, be sure to find a suit with a perfect fit. There’s a whole world out there for you to choose from. Remember, it has to look good on you, or you risk looking like a dag.

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