Sustainable Couture with Tony Ward

Lebanese-Italian couturier Tony Ward has launched his new zero-waste Couture FW 2019/2020 collection titled “Blossoming Fibers”, which combines the art of couture with eco-friendly and sustainable practices and materials.



“Even though Couture is all about the fairy hands, I had the curiosity to integrate this technique and mix it with our know-how in this collection in particular as it goes perfectly with my inspiration.” explains the designer Tony Ward.
After more than 450 hours of work, 33-pieces of eco-friendly TPU material, and tulle gathered meticulously with the pieces, a 3D printed gown blossomed.


Some facts about this Couture gown: The TPU material is a kind of biodegradable plastic that takes 3-5 years to decompose. The dress is totally recyclable and the pieces can we shredded, melted, gathered then reused, therefore it took zero waste to make this gown.


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