Taiwanese men in skirts challenge gender stereotypes

Men of all ages have been gathering on the streets of Taiwan wearing skirts, as part of events organized to challenge gender stereotypes and raise awareness of Taiwan’s long-awaited marriage bill.
Discussions will take place in parliament on Friday, and legislation for same-sex marriage will be either passed or rejected on 24 May. If it does go through, it will make Taiwan the first place in Asia to allow such unions.
A Facebook group garnered lots of interest and became a popular place to share photos of the varied outfits worn at the weekend.
Other organized events have been taking place at the National Taiwan University and even at a high school in New Taipei, where some male students walked around the school grounds in their uniform shirts with coordinating skirts, according to Taiwan News.
Students at New Taipei Municipal Banqiao Senior High School posted their support on Facebook, including the head teacher, Lai Chunjin, who said: “We want to break gender stereotypes and respect differences in temperament. So join our skirt-wearing team.”
One male teacher who wore a skirt to school said: “While I was playing football, so many students said, ‘what you’re wearing is very strange’.”
But he responded: “If I like wearing these types of clothes, then what’s stopping me? We can all break gender stereotypes and respect differences.”

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