Take me back

Greece to me is like my second (or third) home. I have been visiting every year for eight years now and I just can’t get enough. I don’t know if it’s the actual country, or the close bonds we have created with the people.
Friends often ask me why we always go back. It’s like I’m going to my village for the summer. That’s the exact same feeling, same as when I was a kid looking forward to school’s end and reuniting with my village house and the friends I have there. I just want to go. As summer nears, so does my urge to hop on that plane to Greece. It feels warm, it feels welcoming and it feels like it’s calling out my name.
Perhaps in an upcoming travel article, I will write about the very special Halkidiki region, the unforgettable memories we create as a family there and the special bonds we have created throughout the years. Until then, just let me reminisce… just take me back!

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