The 18 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

Forbes has published a list for the 18 most affordable destinations to travel to in 2019. From the Philippines to Armenia, the list is pretty varied and has something for every kind of traveler.

Travel in 2019 is all about staying on budget while having an outstanding experience at once. Here are the 18 best budget destinations from Forbes. The goal is to highlight budget travel destinations that are a bit off-the-beaten path.

1- San Antonio, Texas, the United States of America

2- Puebla, Mexico

3- Hawaii, the USA

4- St. Helena

5- Province of Laguna, the Philippines

6- The Balkan Peninsula

7- Agra, India

8- Budapest, Hungary

9- Buenos Aires, Argentina

10- Gobi Desert, Mongolia

11- South Africa

12- Zanzibar

13- Armenia

14- Serbia

15- Transylvania, Romania

16- George Town, Penang, Malaysia

17- Moscow, Russia

18- Taipei, Taiwan

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