The Best Looks from the Met Gala

Cardi B                                                                                                                                         Never one to disappoint, Cardi appeared in a bejeweled red cap and matching ruby lip. As usual, her eyes were long and fluffy while her face looked like it had a filter over it IRL

Lady Gaga
Gaga was one of the first to walk the red carpet and with good reason. She had a show to put on with multiple outfit changes just seconds apart. Her makeup and hair were also on-point, with golden extra long lashes, pink lips, and a platinum wavy bob with mini hair bows.

Zoe Saldana
The actress looked glorious in brushed out curls and actual violet orchids in her hair. When she turned her eyes downward, you could see they had a gorgeous glitter overlay.

Gigi Hadid
Like many others on the carpet, Hadid wore her hair in a head cap. Her white, spidery long lashes took center stage and made her look like an ice queen.

Ciara wore an extra, extra big afro with emerald tasseled hair accessories creating a center part. Her eye makeup was also emerald, applied deliberately imperfectly across her lids all the way to her temples.

Kendall Jenner
Jenner wore her hair slicked back in a chignon (with a tendril carefully curled on her forehead), extra long false lashes, and dewy, plumped up skin.

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