The bionic electric bike made in Barcelona for cities and citizens

At a mere 15 kg, oh!bike is one of the lightest bicycles on the market

Oh!bike is intelligent, measuring the power and cadence you are pedaling and transmits this information to the control, to assist pedaling safely and which is adapted to each circumstance. It is very easy and intuitive, with a universal box and a very simple interface. A single button allows you to turn on, turn off, change the battery mode and check its loading status.

A lightweight build, with 24 “wheels and weighing in at a mere 15 kg oh!bike is one of the lightest bicycles on the market, with an optimum balance of weights and ergonomics and stability.

It all started as a project to promote sustainable development with a highly technological product: an urban electric bicycle, very lightweight, technologically advanced and yet as simple to use as your average bicycle.

Designed and created in Barcelona. Cared for to the last detail. Oh!bike has been awarded the Delta Gold Prize in Mobilty Design at the 2018 ADI-FAD Awards. The oh!bike received the award for  “The Best Design of the Year” and its exhibited in the Barcelona Museum of Design.

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