The right way to apply foundation and there’s a technique for everyone

When it comes to our foundation, women think that it comes down to picking the perfect shade. It’s true! But it’s also true that we need to find a foundation that works with our particular skin type.

Foundations come in different forms and finishes— liquids, sticks, matte, dewy— and a particular formula may work better on some skin types than others.

If you have dry skin:

People with dry skin produce less sebum (oil), making it difficult for their skin to retain moisture. So any product that provides a boost of hydration is beneficial for this skin type. For dry skin types, the pros reach for liquid, cream or oil foundation. It will smoothly apply over any rough areas and give a luminous look to the skin.

Before you even apply foundation, though, smooth on a layer of moisturizer first. To get a smooth, even, application, use your fingers, so that the oils on your hands rub off on the dry skin on your face. If you notice your skin dries out throughout the day, spray on a soothing face mist on top of your foundation — the moisture can seep through your makeup.

If you have oily skin:

On the opposite end of the skin spectrum, those with oily skin produce extra sebum, which can leave a slick waxiness on the surface that can appear shiny and make foundation application a little challenging. If you want to minimize shine, look for water-based formulas, powders or matte-finish foundations. Since the last thing your skin needs is more oil, you really shouldn’t use your fingers to apply your foundation. Use a stiff, flat, wide foundation brush and if you still seem to have a layer oil on the skin after all this pull apart two-ply tissues and blot over the foundation before finishing with a setting powder.

If you have combination skin:

Combination skin is exactly that —a combination of oily and dry skin. Typically, combination skin feels oily around the T-zone (nose, chin, and forehead) and dry in other areas of the face.

When dealing with combo skin, a satin finish liquid foundation is recommended. It will provide glow for your drier areas without making your usually-oilier T-zone look ultra-shiny.

If you have well-balanced skin:

If your skin is neither too oily nor too dry, you are one of the lucky ones! You have a carte blanche when it comes to foundation type or tool choice. Play with different types of finishes like dewy cream liquids or matte powders to find the look that suits you best. You can test different application techniques to get the coverage you want.

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