For many of us, the start of the workweek triggers some overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness or stress. So if you feel sluggish or tense as soon as your Sunday ends, you might have a case of Monday Blues.


Do you lack passion and motivation ? Do Mondays make you feel a set of negative emotions? Do you have the hopeless sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable ? The Monday blues has become such a common phenomenon that most of us just wave it off, pretending that’s “just the way things are.” However, it can be much more than just passing tiredness, the warning sign that something really isn’t right at work. It could be a bad relation with a co-worker, a lack of stability in the workplace, a lack of appreciation from your management… Any life-coach will tell you that if you love your job and are passionate about what you do, going to work on Monday morning is not stressful.


Countless studies in psychology and sociology show that our emotional state has tremendous effect on the quality of our work. So when we’re feeling blue, we are less productive, less creative, more pessimistic. On top of it, the Monday blues is contagious! Our stress or bad mood impact others around us, and can drastically change the work environment. One pessimistic or stressed out person can spread negativity over a whole team. Imagine the effect when that person is a manager…


  • First, you have to ask yourself what’s wrong: identify the problem to be able to fix it. Make a list of the things that bring you down in your job. It will help you find solutions.
  • Prepare for your Monday on Friday: don’t let dreadful tasks pile up for the following week. And if you do have unpleasant tasks awaiting on Monday, tackle them early in the day. You’ll feel a lot better later in the day.
  • List the things that excite you at work. We tend to look at the tough stuff awaiting. If you can’t list at least 3 things, it might be time to think of a career change.
  • Disconnect during the weekend. That one is primordial : avoid any type of work-related issues during your days off. Defining boundaries is key in keeping your relation to work healthy.
  • Sleep early, wake up early. Waking up rested on Monday morning is essential to a good week of work. Try to get up 15 minutes earlier than usual, and have your breakfast calmly before heading to work. You’re not a robot!

  • Dress for success. Monday is the perfect day to wear your favorite outfit. You’ll build confidence, and probably will get a few compliments from co-workers. You’ll feel good by looking good!
  • Show an attitude of gratitude. By being positive, you’ll also be a source of positivity in the workplace, and make the work environment a better place.
  • Pay it forward, make someone else happy. Why not make it a rule to do something nice for someone when you get to work on Monday? Doing nice things always lift the spirits and can help shift the overall mood at the office.
  • Keep things light. Mondays are traditionally busy days, so try to keep your schedule as clear as possible, you’ll make your life easier.
  • Have fun ! Do things that you enjoy, on a Monday: a coffee-break with a co-worker, a lunch with a friend… create an event you’ll be looking forward to.
  • Get a life after hours. Your day should not be about just fight through Monday. So look forward to something. Happy hour, maybe ? A yoga class ? A movie night? Make that Monday special!
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