There’s a Reason People Are Calling the Huawei nova 3i, the Selfie Superstar

It seems pretty evident by now that the selfie trend is not a passing craze. In this day and age, selfies have become a medium of self-expression, especially for youngsters. They give the viewer an idea about who you are; a piece of you reflected in a single picture. To put an end to all your selfie woes and re-takes, look no further than the Huawei nova 3i, enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) both in its functionality and its front camera. This smartphone has just been launched in Lebanon and it’s definitely the next generation AI Selfie Superstar.

Why is it called that, you ask?

The Huawei nova 3i has unparalleled AI capabilities and exceptional front camera features. This device is equipped with a 24MP+2MP dual front camera that produces the most natural, as part of an AI quadruple camera system which incorporates a rear-facing camera module, composed of a 16MP+2MP dual camera delivering creamy bokeh effects that result in more natural-looking images.

Besides the remarkable camera features, the Huawei nova 3i is equipped with a Kirin 710, a new Huawei SoC with AI capabilities and the latest EMUI 8.2. These three major components represent a big accomplishment as they operate together to create an AI-characterized lifestyle for Huawei consumers.

Moreover, its AI-enhanced system has studied more than 100 million images and can recognize over 500 scenarios in 22 general categories. Essentially, what you get is a smartphone that can automatically identify scenes and make the necessary adjustments, optimize all kinds of picture parameters, leaving you with the sole task of shooting your photos. Another option for fun selfies is the personalized 3D Qmoji pack that comes in GIF or video formats, generated by the device after it records your facial expressions.

Hence, the Huawei nova 3i has earned the name Selfie Superstar.

Futhermore, the Huawei nova 3i features the newest generation of FullView display, measuring at 6.3-inch ensuring the smoothest viewing experience, ideal for those who like to play games or watch videos. It also comes in an Iris purple color that is edgy and trendy, and as if the Huawei nova 3i needed another reason to fall in love with it, it boasts a whopping 128GB memory as well as a 4GB RAM memory, and a long-lasting battery to take as many selfies as you want without having a care in the world.

Thanks to the AI-powered Huawei nova 3i and its top-notch dual front camera, your selfie will be even more representative of who you are and can help you convey the best version of yourself while staying true to your natural looks.

The Huawei nova 3i is in stores now, so take the plunge!


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