This Woman Feels Virtually No Pain Due to a Strange Genetic Mutation

A team of researchers identified a Scottish woman who feels virtually no pain and experiences very little fear or anxiety, according to a case study published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia.
The team, led by scientists from University College London, said that Jo Cameron’s unusual characteristics came down to a genetic mutation, which may also provide her with enhanced healing abilities.
“We found this woman has a particular genotype that reduces activity of a gene already considered to be a possible target for pain and anxiety treatments,” James Cox, an author of the study from UCL, said in a statement.
The scientists hope that investigating the mutation could provide insights into how to treat a host of different conditions.
“Now that we are uncovering how this newly identified gene works, we hope to make further progress on new treatment targets,” he said.
According to the study, the woman claims that she has never needed painkillers after surgeries and often does not notice when she has been cut or burned until she can smell the burning flesh, that is. Cameron also noted that any injuries she did sustain appeared to heal very quickly.
“She is almost completely insensitive to noxious stimuli,” Cox told Newsweek. “She also frequently burns herself by accident.”
The researchers noted that Cameron is talkative and happy with an optimistic outlook, and, furthermore, when she took a psychological questionnaire designed to rate levels of anxiety, she received the lowest score.

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