Tips on How to Get Meghan Markle’s Hair Look!

With the spectacular royal wedding drawing millions of viewers from around the world this weekend, it comes as no surprise to see that the bride and now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is on everybody’s mind right now. In the buildup to the wedding, much debate arose as to how the former suits star would wear her hair, and Saturday’s showing certainly didn’t disappoint.

Celebrity hairstylist to the stars Asgar Saboo has worked his magic on Bollywood icons such as Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, and Katrina Kaif as well as Hollywood A-List stars Eva Longoria and Cindy Crawford.

Here, Asgar provides his step by step How-To Guide on how to recreate the hair Meghan so beautifully pulled off, so we can all feel like royalty.  And the best part? It takes no time at all, so why not incorporate it into your daily

The secret to this look is to prep the hair to create the ultimate base with ultra gloss and shine.

Step 1:

Commence by creating a center parting in your hair using the end of a comb, ensuring the divide is strong and pulled back to the crown of the head. Blow dry your locks to get that glossy foundation which will hold and radiate all day long.

Step 2:

Add loose waves all over your hair with curling tongs, or rollers depending on your preference. Loosely wind the hair around the tongs to avoid any curls which are too tight or precise.

Step 3:

You then need to gather the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your head. Secure it into place with bobby pins and make sure the ponytail is fixed and finished off with a frosting of hairspray.

Step 4:

Loosely twist locks of your hair around the tail to build this low bun, creating a voluminous ‘undone’ effect.

Step 5:

To complete the look, bring loose curls around the face to frame your winning smile. To give a softer more natural finish, direct each wave in a different direction. Finish with another spritz of spray to hold your princess style. If you’d really like to… add a tiara.

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