The Easter weekend is here, and usually, this time is a busy time for many people, as families and friends prepare to gather. Not this year ! This year, we are living in the land of the COVID-19, under the invisible threat of this new enemy. This year, the world is in crisis, fighting a new type of invader. And this year, so many will be isolated, and sometimes alone, unable to be part of the usual family gathering. This year, Easter will be a challenge for many.


Isolated life can be very hard overall, but during a holiday weekend, the separation from family and loved ones, and the gravity of such crisis can most certainly heighten negative feelings. Personal grief and issues, even the smallest ones in the daily life, will take a harsher toll on some of us. Some may feel incredibly traumatized and cut off from the rest of the world, experiencing mixed emotions. Here are a few tips of things everybody can do to survive – and even enjoy – Easter this year.

  •  Plan a celebration schedule for the weekend. Keeping occupied really helps the mental well-being.
  • Arrange for Skype/Facetime/video calls with as many loved ones as possible. It really makes a difference !
  • If you are quarantined with other people, remember to connect with them as well. It is a wonderful opportunity for relationships at home to strengthen. Spend quality time together, not just watching TV. Organize activities around Easter.
  • Even if you are alone, plan a celebration menu. Good food you love is essential to making this weekend feel special. It might be time for that traditional family recipe you always wanted to try.
  • Schedule a “cinema time”. Whether you’re alone or with family, pick a favorite movie and watch it at a specific time, with munchies and yummies, just as if you were at the movie theatre.
  • Easter church services are being streamed far and wide, so don’t miss out on celebrating the true meaning of Easter. For opera lovers, Andrea Bocelli will mark Easter Sunday by singing live from the empty Duomo cathedral in Milan. A must watch !
  • Get some fresh air ! Go for a walk or sit in your garden if you have that luxury. Even sitting on your balcony for your team time, or for a few minutes of sunshine is going to make you feel better.
  • Read books; take advantage of this time alone to reconnect with this deeply satisfying activity. If you live with family, have “board game nights”, or “quiz night”. Quiz night can easily be done over video call.
  • Make it a point to get dressed on Easter Sunday to make it extra special. It is important to make an effort to look your best, even if no one is going to see you. You are doing this for you.
  • Watch an online cooking show, and learn a new dish ! You’ll be proud of yourself later on when you can do it again for loved ones.
  • Organize group cooking video calls, and agree with friends or loved ones to cook one same dish together. You’ll end up having a great time.
  • On Easter Sunday, after watching a mass online or on TV, organize a small egg hunt for kids, even if you do not have a garden.
  • Schedule an Easter craft competition. If will really put you into the festivities. It could be egg-decorating or arranging a new table centerpiece. For this activity, there should be a designed judge and taskmaster, sharing the rules of the competition in advance. And a prize should be set for the winner. This could even be done through video calls !
  • How about visiting a museum or a zoo with the kids ?! Virtually of course… Though those places have closed their doors due to the coronavirus, several offer online visits.
  • Participate in a egg hunt: while real Easter egg hunts are cancelled worldwide, virtual hunts are all the rage, and many #easteregghunt projects are going on across the world. A great way to entertain kids.

The list can go on forever. But overall, the key to surviving isolation and restrictions during Easter is to have a celebration plan. You might not do everything on your plan, but the simple acts of scheduling and putting a bit of effort in doing something will help you feel more positive.

True, life is very strange at the moment, and it might get even a bit stranger before things get better. Remember that even if you are alone at home, you are NOT ALONE IN THIS. For the very first time in our lifetime, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. We are all experiencing the same crisis, the same fears, and probably the same uncertainties at the same time.

Let’s try and make this Easter 2020 special despite all. We might be writing History together.

Don’t lose hope. Happy Easter !

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