Tom Cruise ‘bans’ Nicole Kidman from son’s wedding

Tom Cruise has reportedly banned his ex-wife Nicole Kidman from the wedding of their son Connor, who they adopted in the mid-1990s, during their marriage.
Connor Cruise, 24, plans to marry his Italian girlfriend Silvia, who has reportedly been named the ‘Scientologist Princess.’
“Tom is behind this and what he wants is as good as law,” a source told Radar Online. Tom made the call and Connor followed.
First, Tom would never even consider inviting Nicole to Connor’s wedding because she’s considered a “suppressive person” by the church, and, second, he doesn’t want her there.
According to the source, Connor worships the ground his father walks on and didn’t want to disobey him.

Kidman and Cruise were reportedly both absent from her daughter Isabella’s wedding to Max Parker in 2015.
When Kidman split from Cruise in 2001, she also left behind the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is an outspoken advocate.
Kidman and Cruise were married from December 1990 to August 2001.

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