Toy Story 4 Review

Upon hearing that Disney and Pixar would be releasing yet another installment of “Toy Story”, I was both excited and worried. As a big fan of the first three Toy Story movies, I didn’t want the fourth one to ruin the series for me,and all the other fans of the franchise, but thankfully Disney and Pixar did not disappoint!


“Toy Story 4” takes us on a whole new adventure with Woody the Cowboy and the gang, joined by a list of entertaining new characters as well, including the adorable “Forky”, voiced by Tony Hale, and the hilarious sassy duo “Ducky” and “Bunny”, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. There’s something about this film that makes it highly entertaining for both adults and children, it will leave you laughing out loud and smiling like a happy kid during the duration of the film!


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