Traveling solo

Have you caught the travel bug, yet no one seems to be able to keep up with you? Traveling solo is so much easier than you think.

When I told my friends that I was going to New York, the first question they asked was “who with?”  When I said I was going on my own, they were baffled. “Is it safe?” “Aren’t you scared?” “What are you going to do all by yourself?”

It’s not that I don’t like to travel with friends, I love it, but it’s always so hard to get a group together where the dates work, and so does the price! So I was off on my first solo adventure. After a week in the Big Apple, these are the top three things I learned about traveling solo.

Having fewer plans is more adventurous

I’m usually the type of person who gets excited by ticking off lists. I plan, and I roll accordingly. But it’s a wonderful feeling when you get used to the freedom that comes with having less or no plans. You live in the moment, do what you feel like doing right then and there and as a result, live the best adventures and create the best memories.

Join a day tour

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you always have to be alone and a lot of the times, the most interesting people you meet are fellow travelers on day tours. It is nice to sometimes join a tour group, hear about their own experiences and get some recommendations.

Plan your transportation in advance

Getting lost is no fun. So always write down (detailed) plans before you arrive in a new city, down to the bus number you catch and how many stops before you need to get off. Preparation is key!

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