Daily life can be very hard and distressful, particularly during these difficult times our country is going through. In such context, for someone to go on a journey of relaxation and escape, different options are available; travel is one of them ! Indeed, in order to relax, there’s nothing like a trip. And what better than a trip to a romantic destination such as Prague, or a spa destination like Karlovy Vary or Piestany, where you’ll be pampered in the best way possible ?!

A spa to recharge batteries

Those two destinations are among the most visited destinations of the region, as renowned spa towns. There, you will be able to enjoy a unique experience at the hands of spa specialists, during wellness treatments of your choice, such as thermal baths, massages and wraps, but will also be able to do some amazing sightseeing, as the towns have quite a few remarkable landmarks and sights.

Fresh air and unique discoveries will definitely help you forget all the problems that may affect your daily life. The Czech Republic is an ideal destination to relax, recharge your batteries and find yourself.

Easy flights for an easy vacation

Moreover, Prague is served by direct daily flights Beirut-Prague-Beirut. So, pack your luggage, book your plane tickets combined with a stay in a charming boutique hotel, and go enjoy new surroundings!

For more information, contact Transas, general agent of Czech Airlines, Tel. : 01-368950, and  Kaysas Thermal Cure and Tourism, Tel .: 01-371 315.



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