True love

Our wedding anniversary is in two days and I was just thinking. Fifteen years ago, I married the man I love, after only one year together.
When I met him, I had no one special in my life. In fact, I had just broken up with a man I thought could make me happy. I was wrong and naïve. I guess like many of us women, we learn the hard way that loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you are loved back. Or was that a lesson in what love really is?
Among my closest friends, I was the first to get married. I knew deep down that my husband was my soul mate, the one for me, but the actual moment only hit me when one of my friends was dating her current husband and she came to me for advice and asked me, “how did you know?”
How did I know? I had never really thought of that before, yet the answer came to me so swiftly, it seemed like I had discovered the secret a long time ago.
You see, every time my husband and I would be out on a date and he would be dropping me off back home, I would ask him to take me for another drive. I didn’t want to leave. Just sitting in the car beside him was enough for me. The fact that it was time to go home brought tears to my eyes. Saying that to my friend made me feel guilty because I sounded like I hated home, or there was something there that bothered me, but the truth of the matter was that I just wanted to be with him. It was time for me to move on. Leave the nest to create my own.

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