Weird and wonderful ways to naturally heal

Warts, migraines and more

Instead of paying a bundle for a ton of products at the pharmacy, there are so many weird and wonderful ways to try out at home first. From warts and migraines to smelly feet and nausea, these tricks are definitely worth a try.


Soaking sultanas in gin to fight inflammatory arthritis is a long known natural remedy that many people swear by. Research in Sweden has also known that moderate drinkers showed a slower progression of joint damage in comparison to non-drinkers.


Eat chocolate for nausea and motion sickness. As if you needed another excuse, but chocolate actually helps. Nausea and motion sickness feel worse due to excessive saliva production. The tannins found in chocolate dry out your mouth and inhibit excess saliva production. Tea, anything with cacao, olives, wine and nuts may also do the trick.


Wart removal can be costly, but before exploring all the medical options, consider using duct tape. By covering a wart with duct tape, the seal will suffocate the skin virus causing your wart’s growth. After a week, take off the tape, exfoliate gently and repeat until wart is fully removed.

Bad breath

Celery does the trick! With its chewy and fiber rich texture, celery get to the root of the problem by breaking down the plaque and bacteria causing bad breath, neutralizing odors at the source.


Urinary tract infections (UTI) are most commonly treated with antibiotics, however to ease the painful symptoms of burning during urination, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of water and drink this mixture on an empty stomach. This will make your bladder more alkaline, meaning less acidic urine.


Soak your feet in hot water when a migraine strikes while simultaneously holding a cold compress or ice pack against your head. The heat on your feet will attract the blood away from the head, resulting in less tension.


Add crushed aspirin to your shampoo and keep your money in your pocket. Since dandruff can be made worse by chemicals, use a fragrance-free shampoo with very few ingredients to mix with the aspirin. Massage into scalp for five minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Smelly feet

Want to get rid of that foul smell easily? Dab a cotton pad with alcohol and wipe all over your foot, including between toes. The alcohol will also help keep feet dry by keeping sweat at bay.

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