What Cutting Out Dairy Can Do to Your Health

While acne hits most of us at some stage in our life, for some unlucky few, it drags on for longer than we expect. There are many products that successfully zap the zits, and of course makeup can do wonders, but have you ever tried overhauling your diet for better skin?

There’s reason to believe that eliminating dairy products can help your skin and your health in general. There’s no consensus among dermatologists that eliminating dairy will magically give you a flawless complexion, but some studies have found that skim milk, specifically, might be an acne contributor, others have found links between acne and any type of milk.

Ok, so it’s not easy to eliminate dairy products, but for the sake of your skin and overall health, give it a try and reap the benefits.

1. Acne

Dairy is a major cause of oils in the body and helps inflammation grow. Many factors can aggravate acne; dairy isn’t always the cause. Experimenting with diet is worth a try and a trip to the dermatologist can also help rule out more serious issues.

2. Digestion

Digestion becomes much more consistent and you can enjoy less bloating or cranky gut issues. When your body can’t break down lactose, gas and bloating are often the result. If you consume too much lactose, it can inflame your large intestine and diarrhea can develop.

3. Weight loss

Eliminating dairy can help with weight loss. Milk, plain yogurt, and other unsweetened dairy products contain lactose, a natural sugar, while other dairy products may contain added sugar. If you’re trying to lose stubborn belly fat, eliminating all sugar can really help.

4. Thyroid

Dairy products are mucus-forming and the protein in dairy has been found to increase inflammation in vital parts of the body such as the thyroid gland and digestive tract. Cutting dairy improves metabolism and energy levels which can both be linked to thyroid health.

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