What to pack for a summer holiday

Ok, so it’s time to pack. I find that part of traveling exciting even… what should I take? What if this? What if that? Do I need a pair of heels (just in case)? That was me a long time ago. Now I know that it’s essential to travel light and I have a short list of things to pack for a summer vacay. Believe me, you just don’t want tremendous luggage slowing you down.
1-Bathing suit (obviously)
2-Jeans shorts
3-A couple of T-shirts that match your shorts
4-Beauty product essentials
5-Flip flops
6-One pair of comfy shoes (Wear those on the plane)
That’s all you need. Perhaps a backpack will even do the trick. Try traveling lighter and you’ll definitely feel the difference. Just think of it this way, whatever you need, you can buy on your trip. No need to take everything but the kitchen sink.

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