What travel means to me

There is one thing in this world I absolutely love and crave: travel.  All my life I have lived in different places. From Canada to Australia and Lebanon, there are many places I can call home.  But traveling to me is far more than getting familiarized with a new country.  Travel is about going to a place and having all what you thought you knew of the world turned completely upside down.  It’s the best kind of education and one that you take pleasure in. When I travel I am fascinated by history – that same history that put me to sleep in the classroom. When you experience something firsthand, everything you learned in school suddenly becomes clear when you travel because nothing compares to seeing a place with your own two eyes.

Travel to me means striking up conversation with those around you and appreciating the tiny treasures in the area you discover. It’s experiencing as many new things as you can. Travel means making friends with the locals and respecting their culture. Travel means waking up at 4am to get to the best spot to watch the sunrise. It means getting lost in a different country without Google maps and turning it into a whole new adventure. Travel is about doing things that scare you, talking with strangers, getting to the top of a monastery that looked unreachable.

Travel is every emotion wrapped up into a sea of memories and experiences that you wouldn’t trade for the world. Travel to me, is living.

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