When His Wiener Won’t Work

OK! It’s not a topic men would like to talk about, but face it guys, sometimes your thing doesn’t work and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Men feel extremely proud when they have a high-performing pecker, but there are some times men can face problems. Here’s alist of what could be wrong and how to fix it.

Can’t get up and stay up

By the age of 40, almost 40% of men will have some form of erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety, stress, depression or some medications can have this effect. So once you know the cause, problem fixed!

Shooting air

A man can climax without ejaculating sometimes, and that is a cause for concern, especially if you two want a baby. The typical culprits are diabetes, pelvic-surgery complications and blockages. Visiting a doctor to determine the cause is the way to go.

Comes to fast

One in every four men will come in under two minutes of sex. Contracting his pelvic-floor muscles as if he’s stopping urine flow is a good exercise.

It could be you

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes men just can’t O with a partner because they are so used to masturbating to porn. It’s a growing problem but it can be reversed if your dude cuts out porn

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