Which European City is the Most Affordable to Visit?

What are your priorities when you’re planning a European city break? Good food? Culture galore? Interesting history?
More likely than not, you’ll also prioritize price when you’re considering where to jet off to for a weekend getaway.
The UK’s Post Office has posted its annual City Costs Barometer, comparing what visitors paying in pound sterling will cough up for a weekend enjoying all that every European city has to offer — from the cost of a cup of coffee to entry fees to the city’s top gallery to two nights in three-star accommodation for two adults.
Coming up on top on this list? It’s Vilnius, in Lithuania.

Lithuania’s capital is also known for its picturesque medieval old town, baroque architecture, hip street art and varied history.
The Post Office reports that in Lithuania that you can travel to and from the city’s airport for just $2.28, plus two nights’ accommodation in a three-star hotel for two adults will set you back just $91. The total cost, the Post Office reports is $191.92.

At the other end of the spectrum, Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, is Europe’s most expensive city.
That’ll be little surprise to anyone who’s visited. Iceland’s known for being pricey — all in all, you’ll spend roughly $602.33 for a weekend in the land of ice and snow.

Here are the Top 10 cheapest European destinations for a weekend getaway. This price does not include airline tickets.
1. Vilnius, Lithuania — $191.92
2. Belgrade, Serbia — $197.41
3. Warsaw, Poland — $208.85
4. Istanbul, Turkey — $217.29
5. Bucharest, Romania — $218.47
6. Porto, Portugal — $224.80
7. Riga, Latvia — $232.62
8. Bratislava, Slovakia — $237.07
9. Moscow, Russia — $243.39
10. Prague, Czech Republic — $247.71

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