Why You Should Spend Time Kissing Before Sex

Why does kissing sometimes go forgotten? Sure, you get swept up in the heat of the moment, but kissing is crucial, and here’s why. It is the beginning of lustful feelings. It awakens desire and opens your mind to the possibility of sexy things to come.

Establishing intimacy

Kissing may not seem like foreplay to you, but it is. Sure, kissing doesn’t always lead to sex and should not come with expectations as such, but it is definitely the foundation for other acts of intimacy. A hot and heavy make out session affirms the connection you have with your partner. It’s what puts your relationship in a different category than that of any other person in your life. They are your partner in life and love. Kissing brings you closer and is a reminder of everything you have together as a couple.

Feel-good chemicals are released

Kissing makes you feel good and it’s for good reason. It actually releases a bunch of feel-good chemicals from the brain. When you kiss, oxytocin floods your system. This is nature’s “love hormone.” It’s what makes you romantically attached to your partner. Kissing feels good and is good for you. Oxytocin is the same chemical released when you first fall in love, those first few blissful months or years of dating. Eventually, oxytocin levels even out and you form a more long-lasting, less lust-filled bond with your partner. Kissing helps to reintroduce those sparks you had in the beginning. Remember to lean into kissing and allow your mind to relax. Couples who kiss are the happiest.

Feeling wanted

Kissing always reminds your partner that they are sexy and wanted. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together three years or 15 years, feeling wanted will never stop being necessary to your happiness. In fact, a desire to be wanted is among one of the most common sexual fantasies people have. It’s about passion. It’s about being wanted so badly your partner cannot wait to have you.

Start slow. Don’t rush things. Play with your partner’s hair. Kiss their nose, eyelids, cheeks, and mouth. Make kissing about your love, not just the act itself. Devote that time to each other. You owe it to your relationship to practice acts of love and commitment.

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