Winter Colors for You

We want to look our best at all times of the year but it’s not easy to find perfect color combinations. If you wear red clothes, be ready to be the center of attention: this color is for self-confident people. A combination of red, black and white is a true classic. Don’t forget to combine pastel shades. White combines well with all other colors. It looks particularly striking with blue, red and black. For a casual outfit, note the beautiful combination of white with gravel or brown. These reserved colors will look great in a business style. Marsala, the color named after the Sicilian wine, is an incredibly beautiful color. It’s easy to mix the wine shade with many other colors. It combines perfectly with a classic trio: black, white and gray. Marsala can also be matched with beige, milk and coffee colors. Coco Chanel began to wear a sailor suit in the 1930s, and dark blue stripe is still considered one of the most stylish prints. The colors of marine themes are blue, white, black and red. Designers advise adding gold accessories to create a sophisticated image.

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