Winter Polish Perfection

Now that winter is drawing near, the pastel and sheer nude nail polishes you’ve been using since the summer don’t feel quite right anymore. Now is prime-time to get festive with your manicure, so even if it’s cold, don’t wear your gloves.

Whether you can’t resist an eye-catching glitter polish or you’re loyal to neutral shades but want one that’s a little more seasonally appropriate, there are many color options.

During winter, there’s color inspiration everywhere. An icy blue polish will make you feel so glam, and will pop against any skin tone. Anyone willing to have a little fun with their nail color, this one is for you.

A cool-toned mauve shade will look so good with all your cozy knit sweaters. It’s for anyone who prefers versions of colors mixed with gray tones.

Trendsetters need a holographic polish which transforms into the most stunning colors of burgundy, copper, and gold depending on the light.

And you can never go wrong with a classic red, but especially in the dreary cold months of winter, a bright shade will definitely make you feel festive and cheery. Anyone who wants a chic, classic, or timeless finish, red is for you!

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