Winter scents that wow, which is for you?

Every season has its fragrance. Winter is here and now is the time to go oriental.

Whether you love the season or hate it, you should know that winter is perfumes’ most favorite season. Why? Because the cold temperatures give all those delicate and sophisticated notes the necessary time they need in order to fully express themselves. The lack of colors and activities, on the other hand, let fragrances get the place they deserve as your sense of smell is not distracted by the outside smells and can be concentrated on the fabulous exotic oriental scents that are both strong and warm. The best winter perfume notes are vanilla, cinnamon, incense, amber, spices, etc.

Good winter picks would be Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Eau de Toilette for men and Thierry Mugler’s Alien Eau de Toilette for women.

There are many other choices too. If you’re into spicy scents with a side of citrus… For winter, look for rich and musky, sweet, and fresh undertones — think moss, juniper, incense, patchouli, amber, fig, vanilla, fresh dew, cassis, rose, bergamot, lemon, vetiver, etc.—the kind of notes that give you that warm feeling of comfort that’s much needed during dark, winter days.

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