Woman spends $42k on surgery to look like Meghan Markle

A mum spent $42,000 on surgery to look like her idol, Meghan Markle.
Tanya Ricardo, from Texas in the USA, used the Duchess of Sussex as a guide for her surgeon to emulate the look she desired.
The 30-year-old had liposuction to transfer fat to her buttocks, fat grafts to her cheeks, lipo under the cheeks and chin, breast augmentation from a c-cup to a d-cup, lip fillers and other injectable treatments.
After being in recover, after having six hours of surgery, she’s now delighted with her transformation.
“It’s something I have been waiting for for years, but being a single-mom, my priority was my son so I wasn’t thinking about myself,” Tanya said.
“Now I’m ecstatic, I can’t wait to be able to hit the gym with extra weight in the right places and then I’ll be good to marry another Prince.”
Tanya believes she now looks exactly like Meghan Markle and she sees it in the way her face has changed.
“We have always resembled each other, we both have dark hair, big brown eyes and a structured fine nose,” she said.
“But now that I had had a couple of surgeries on my face it accentuates her look on me even more.”
“Meghan not only has a great sense of style, she is very classy, sexy and sophisticated all in one.”
“When people say they see the resemblance, which for me makes me feel like it was mission accomplished.”

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