Woman Wins Lottery 30 Times in One Day

Some people have all the luck, the saying goes. On Feb. 11, that person was Deborah Brown, 30 times over.
The Richmond resident won the Virginia lottery 30 times that day after she bought 30 Pick 4 tickets with the exact same combination: 1-0-3-1.
Brown initially bought 20 tickets with that combination at a gas station in Chesterfield County.
“A couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers,” Brown said when she recently claimed her winnings.
So later that day, she bought 10 more tickets at the same location with the same numbers.
The Pick 4 top prize for $1 play is $5,000.
On the night of the Feb. 11 Pick 4 drawing, each of Brown’s 30 plays won the top prize, netting her $150,000.
“I nearly had a heart attack,” Brown said, according to a statement from Virginia Lottery.
The odds of matching all four numbers in order are 1 in 10,000, the agency said.
Brown has no immediate plans for her winnings, the statement said, but she is considering renovating her home.

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