You don’t want to miss out on Vietnam

Thanks to Instagram, Vietnam is now most probably known for the Golden Bridge of Sun World Ba Na Hills, a popular tourist attraction. the bridge has attracted visitors from all over the world and to encourage the flow, the government continues to loosen restrictions on travel visas and plans to host Vietnam’s first Formula One Grand Prix in 2020.

Vietnam is the place to go if you want to get away from the cold in January and February. It is perfect – dry, warm and everywhere is a little quieter (and cheaper) after the flurry of the holidays are over.

Phu Quoc Island

Floating the warm turquoise waters is Phu Quoc Island, just 50km from the Vietnamese mainland. All tour and dive operators go out on a daily basis, weather permitting.

Mekong Delta

Relax and enjoy clear blue skies at Mekong Delta. January and February promise spectacular views in a very unique way as it is time for flower booming all over the region, creating stunning spectacles for visitors. You can also visit the floating markets or just take a stroll around to enjoy the nice weather and plenty of fruits and flowers around you.

Mui Ne

If you are looking for top Vietnam Beach resorts, head to Mui Ne. It is famous for unique white sand dunes, featuring several lakes and even swamps straight in the middle of sandy terrain. It is also the only place in Vietnam with hot air balloon ride services for adventurous tourists.


You can’t visit Vietnam without going to Hanoi – its cradle of heritage. Discover the super small alleys, try tasting some ‘Pho’ or hop in a cyclo to explore Hanoi Old Street in chilly weather without breaking a sweat. ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the most impressive natural destinations in Vietnam. This is of four greatest waterfalls on earth.

More to do

If you are in Vietnam for the history and culture, get ready, because it’s complex, diverse and represents something of a history lesson. Indigenous crafts fill the streets, ancient temples display distinctly Chinese influences in the north and Hindu origins in the south. Meanwhile the broad, tree-lined boulevards and grand state buildings that grace the capital date from the French colonial period. That’s not to forget modern Vietnam, with the cities’ skylines defined by clusters of corporate headquarters and sleek luxury hotels.

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