Your swimsuit for next season…. yes?

Is it just us or do swimsuits these days seem to be getting smaller and smaller? While we thought the purpose of a one-piece swimsuit was for a little more coverage, it seems less has been more in terms of recent trends, with low backs, high waists, sideboob and now frontal cutouts, because who cares about tan lines. Right?

One of the latest swimsuits that has sparked quite a debate on social media is this one. With an extreme high waist, an oval cutout where your cleavage would sit and a g-string style bottom, this nude one piece from UK fashion brand Oh Polly, is leaving little to the imagination. There doesn’t even seem to be much padding by the looks of it, so you wouldn’t want the water to be cold otherwise: hello fripples! However some people aren’t too sure about the design, with many asking, “What is the point of this bathing suit tho?” “Why bother wearing anything tbh?” wrote one social media user, while another asked, “Question, is a belt necessary for a bikini?” These outfits get more and more tiny, next it’s gonna be a little slit right thru your vagina lips,” a woman commented.

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