Zomato sets a new standard with progressive parental leave policy

Through the new policy, all Zomato employees worldwide are now eligible for universal paid parental leave, with a minimum of 26 weeks given to both men and women – a number that is equally applicable to non-birthing parents, including cases of surrogacy and adoption.

A company that takes pride in being a champion of innovation, diversity, and inclusion, Zomato – the world’s leading restaurants, reviews, and food delivery platform – has announced a major new universal parental leave policy across all of its offices worldwide. The new policy sees both fathers and mothers – including non-birthing parents, such as those involving cases of surrogacy or adoption – entitled to a minimum of 26 weeks of paid leave. The company is currently operational in 13 countries across the globe.

In countries where the government-mandated leave policy is more than 26 weeks, Zomato will be following the local regulations, offering the same increased number of weeks to both mothers and fathers. In addition, the new parents will be given an endowment of USD 1000 per child, to help support them welcome their new baby. All the employees who welcomed a child six months prior to this policy change will also enjoy the new benefits.

This positions Zomato amongst the very few companies in the world to offer such a unified parental policy. In addition to helping to break down barriers that have traditionally existed for female leadership, the new policy is also intended to ensure that men are enabled to have a greater role in child-rearing, particularly in the early stages of a child’s development. The policy aims to create a more unified view towards primary caregiving – and one that no longer alienates half of the company’s workforce.

“I believe that people produce their best work when their personal and professional goals meaningfully intersect and align. I also believe that young parents should be able to make a choice on how to care for their children. However, the lack of universal paid parental leave currently makes it complicated for many parents to effectively lead a healthy family life, and focus on their careers at the same time. It takes a village to raise a child. And while a village is ideal, a world where both parents are allowed to assume equal responsibility is a fair start,” says Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO, Zomato.

A company that has already adopted a number of ground-breaking policies – from the elimination of probationary periods for new employees to offering complimentary mental health support through an in-house psychiatry team – Zomato is increasingly becoming a role model for creating an exceptional work environment. It’s also an attitude that not only attracts the highest possible number of talented employees, but also helps to retain them. Zomato believes that its culture of meritocracy requires a level playing field when it comes to equality, and that adopting such initiatives are an essential step in the right direction. The company aims to lead by example and hopes to see more organizations and governments begin to institutionalize similar paid parental leave policies.


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